Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking Making to the Limit

Continuing Math Mondays' series on the recent Bridges conference, today we highlight three different genres of mathematical making which we have seen before in Math Mondays, but which were represented at the highest levels of intricacy and development at Bridges. To start with, mathematical beading: various polyhedra cleverly strung with beads have graced this column in the past.

7 Residence Hall Hacks for Improving Dorm Life

We've rounded up a few fun DIY projects to enhance dorm life, ensuring your semesters are a bit more fun or geeky.

Make Your Own Solder Paste Dispenser

Sparky's Widgets built this very cool solder paste dispensing system using a custom Arduino board packing two relays, as well as a pair of airflow-controlling solenoid valves, an off-the-shelf syringe, and an el-cheapo air compressor from Lowes.

Open House: No, Really

Built as a community project, Open House is quite literally a house-like structure that opens up into a 100-seat, open-air theater, free for the community to use for public gatherings like music shows and movie showings.

Build an LED Photometer

Did you know that, although they’re great for emitting light, LEDs are also capable of absorbing light? This idea is leveraged in the fantastic Maker Press book, Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, which goes into depth on using a variety of LEDs to detect light in the atmosphere. With a few […]

Meeting Makers in Ohio This Week

After a good weekend in Pittsburgh and the Mini Maker Faire at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, I’m heading north through central Ohio. I’ll be stopping in Youngstown, Akron and Cleveland, and there’s public meetups in Akron and Cleveland. I wrote recently following Maker Faire Detroit an article: Midwest at […]

Making an Electric Pickle

My friends from Kaleidoscope Learning Center demonstrate the electric pickle often enough that they keep a modified AC extension cord in their car. I’m sure you can find plans to make the electric pickle online. Briefly, you cut off the female end of a heavy duty extension cord, strip the hot and […]